Media Inquiries

Winthrop has many unique and compelling qualities making it very popular for human interest stories, magazine articles, travel blogs, movie backdrops, and product photo shoots.  Here are some references for individuals and companies looking to include Winthrop:

Still Photo Requests:  Winthrop has a number of extremely talented local photographers (listed below) who sell their work for use in publications.  Please support the work of these photographers and contact them directly to inquire about the use of photos for commercial, print, and social media uses. Please do not use the photos diplayed on this website without permission.  Photos on this website were purchased from these outstanding photographers: Methow Valley Photography, Mitchel Image, Matt Firth Photography, Mountain Kind Photography, Reflected Light Images, and Weymuller Photography.   

Fact Checking, Quotes, and Editorial Content: Feel free to contact us at any time for assitance with your project. We are prompt in our reply and know the importance of having your article reflect the very best that Winthrop has to offer.   Email requests to 

Video and Still Photoshoots:  Please contact us at to inquire about permitting requirements for commercial video and still shoots in the Town of Winthrop. This includes product photo shoots.  We are usually honored by these requests and will work effeciently with you to ensure this goes as smoothly as possible.  

Scouting Services:  Please contact us at if you need assistance with scouting locations, filming locations, or writing about locations outside of Winthrop Town Limits and around the beautiful Methow Valley.  We can recommend individuals and organizations that can assist you with your project goals.  

Any other questions please contact us at


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