The Methow Valley is host to over 250 species of birds thanks to the great diversity of habitats and elevation contained within the Valley walls and basin. 

Any visitor can look forward to an early morning songbird chorus, fleeting glimpse of humming birds, mountain bluebirds on trailside fence-lines, and majestic Bald Eagles along the river.  More serious birders may find themselves unexpectedly ticking one species after another off of their life list.  

Birds of the Methow Watershed

Photo Courtesy of E.A. Weymulleur

Thanks to the Valley’s extensive trail system and public lands, visitors will experience exceptional access to the diverse habitats that are sanctuary to birds and other wildlife.  The Methow River and its tributaries offer dozens of public access walks, as do the dry shrub steppe hills, rich wildflower dotted meadows, and vanilla scented ponderosa forests.  The startling, steep cliff walls of the Upper Valley might even grant the patient observer views of a Peregrine Falcon in action.

Any trail in the Valley promises bird life for a patient observer, but here are a few popular spots:

Birding Locations in the Methow Valley

Audubon Birding Sites in the Methow Valley